Tank Heat-Insulation: This system provides an efficient protection against temperature fluctuations

Biogas: Products for wastewater treatment, emission control and gas cogeneration

Telemetry: Tank measurement mainly applied on the oil industry, petrochemical, chemical and food industry

Electrical Tracing: Integrated solutions for industrial and electrical tracing

UPS: Uninterruptible power supplies for critic and special applications on industrial level

Tank Equipment: Field Equipment to provide security, control and measuring for storage tank






Post-sale Services



Our services are thoroughly designed to offer customized solutions and satisfy the individual needs of our clients. We have a specialized workshop for Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation and Update for Self-Safety Valves where there is a continuous study and research being taken by our qualified personnel.


Ingeniería y Proyectos de Control de Monterrey, S.A de C.V, is an enterprise that offers and provides quality solutions through a variety of engineering processes. We count with the ultimate experience to optimize our services and for an integrated execution of our services, as are:

  • •Sistemas de vacío
  • •Unidades de potencia hidráulica
  • •Suministro e instalación de válvulas hidráulicas de seguridad interna
  • •Suministro e instalación de equipos de telemedición en tanques de almacenamiento
  • •Obra mecánica en general
  • •Suministro e instalación de trazas eléctricas
  • •Aislamiento para tanques de almacenamiento
  • •Suministro e instalación de sistemas de alimentación ininterrumpida (ups)
  • •Suministro e instalación de banco de baterías
  • •Suministro e instalación de cargadores/rectificadores


Ingeniería y Proyectos de Control de Monterrey, S.A de C.V, counts with many different standarized procedures for project fulfilment, that guarantee efficiency and punctuality, attached to the execution planning made for every individual need.

    List of Procedures:
  • •Levantamiento en campo
  • •Aislamiento de líneas hidráulicas
  • •Desmantelamiento e instalación de aislamiento térmico
  • •Desmontaje y montaje de componentes
  • •Sanblasteo general de piezas y tuberías
  • •Calibración de equipos
  • •Comunicación inalámbrica entre equipos
  • •Cajas de control y automatización de unidades oleodinámicas
  • •Instalación de tuberías hidráulicas asi como accesorios de conexión
  • •Suministro e instalación de material eléctrico
  • •Realización de planos, layout y dibujos a través de software (autocad, solidworks y/o pro engineering)


Ingeniería y Proyectos de Control de Monterrey, S.A de C.V, offers training and coaching as for the correct management and use of equipment. Throughout the training, your personnel will understand the basic principles for equipment and instrument performance, in this manner the processes developed by your company will be optimized and a will meet a full exploitation of every function that can be provided by our products, as well as to identify critical issues.

Ingeniería y Proyectos de Control de Monterrey, S.A de C.V, delivers manuals and didactic materials for the correct understanding of operation of the company’s equipment. Coaching and training are performed by experienced engineers and technicians highly qualified with many years of experience on the field that your project requires, ready to solve any issue under any condition that may be present during operation. Training and coaching ir oriented towards:

  • •Engineers
  • •Technicians
  • •Maintenance Personnel
  • •Supervisors
  • •Programmers
  • •General Users

Post-sale Services

Ingeniería y Proyectos de Control de Monterrey, S.A de C.V, is committed with full satisfaction of our clients and for that, we offer additional post-sales services to them. With them, we ensure the highest quality in every product offered, as well as a variety of guarantee types for all the installed equipment and instruments from our company.

  • •Inspection
  • •Maintenance
  • •Part Replacement
  • •Coaching and Training
  • •Procura


Ingeniería y Proyectos de Control de Monterrey, S.A de C.V, has a wide experience on installation and start-up of many projects with national impact.

Specific procedures have been defined for installation and operation of each part and piece of our equipment. Our personnel have every skill to carry up any work, and they are also trained on coordination tasks, planning, supervision and inspection, as well as on coaching duties.